Welcome to Quagga’s range of fabrics. We hope to inspire your choices from curtain fabrics to upholstery.
Our fabric is screen printed and customisation is limited.  We can do custom fabric colours for orders over 25 metres.


Our top quality textiles are covered with unique patterns. Curtain fabrics and furniture covering come to life. Think about what textiles do to your senses of touch and sight.


By simply opening up the world of reupholstery, you can achieve magic of your own doing, in your own home and living spaces. Upholstery fabric can bring so much to a space, especially if it’s bold. Be bold!

Curtain fabrics

Not just curtain fabrics! No no, but just imagine an intricate Quagga Greenpoint lighthouse fabric around and over your windows. We really hope to bring your imagination to life and then, your home.