The wallpapers are custom printed. The digital printing process for the wallpapers also allows a degree of customisation in colour and design to occur. You can also simply adjust the scale of the pattern.
We also offer custom design and photo murals.

It is important to know that the wallpaper is printed to client dimensions and is not available in rolls. The price is quoted per square metre.

Wallpaper Decor

We are so glad that it can no longer be said that wallpaper décor is out of fashion or doesn’t belong in every home. We believe that the time when everybody has wallpaper somewhere in their home is about to return. Feature wall or entire room, go with pattern.

Wallpaper Designs

Our wallpaper designs are very pattern oriented. This is very much part of the return to the age old place of comfort and knowing. Pattern is like music – we keep returning to the themes that make us human and lift our spirits.
Our wallpapers are printed with environmentally friendly UV inks on textured non-woven vinyl paper. The results are very vibrant and clear. “Bright colours with high brilliance and very good print quality” is possible.

Interior design considerations

We have some tips on choosing patterns. If you have a large space and want it to seem smaller, use dark colours and large patterns. For smaller spaces, use light colours and smaller patterns. Vartical stripes or patterns that have a vertical intensity make ceilings look higher. Horizontal patterns or stripes elongate narrow rooms.
Most of our patterns are quite intricate and therefor are good for hiding imperfections on the wall. The textured wallpaper is quite thick which also hides imperfections. Just ensure that the installer matches the pattern up correctly.